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                      Timely disclosure and News release from SHOWA Holdings

                      Our consolidated subsidiary, ASUKA Foods jointly hosted 『WAGYU & MAGURO FESTIVAL 2021』in Thailand ?Tasting event was held at “Food Hall of Central Department” in Bangkok
                      March 3, 2021
                      The videos of Business Briefing are now released.
                      August 7, 2020
                      GL's Press Release on the Dismissal of JTA's Injunction claim by the Thai Court
                      July 31, 2020
                      Current Operating policy for tennis clubs managed by Lucent, a consolidated subsidiary, in response to the epidemic of the new coronavirus
                      4146KB / 5pages , March 1, 2020
                      Sports business launched a new brand strategy “LUC+”
                      December 26, 2018
                      The British Virgin Islands court changed and significantly limited the injunction which J Trust demanded
                      40KB / 1pages ,February 15, 2018
                      Secured MOU regarding business tie-up for rubber lining in Vietnam - Rubber Business -
                      243KB / 3pages , January 31, 2018
                      Progress Report: Notice about Our Opinion Regarding the Timely Disclosure by J Trust Co., Ltd.
                      44KB / 2pages , January 14, 2018
                      Secured MOU regarding joint development with Mongolian University of Life Science - Rubber Business -
                      218KB / 3pages , April 10, 2017
                      Regarding new fund raising of Group Lease PCL. for its business expansion in ASEAN
                      452KB / 6pages , May 17, 2016
                      The business matchmaking conference?for rubber related companies held in Vietnam.
                      ~SHOWA RUBBER (Vietnam) CO., LTD.~
                      373KB / 3pages , February 29, 2016
                      Professional Player and Coach of Our Group, Mamine Sato Goes to the National Athletic Meet
                      164KB / 2pages , September 23, 2015
                      Manager and Player of Our Group Tennis Club, Hiroshi Sasaki Won the Championship
                      213KB / 2pages , September 23, 2015
                      Startup of Producing Ebonite Powder in Thailand - SHOWA RUBBER (THAILAND) CO., LTD. -
                      211KB / 2pages , June 23, 2015
                      Rubber Lining Subsidiary Received First Order - SHOWA RUBBER (THAILAND) CO., LTD. -
                      319KB / 2pages , May 26, 2015
                      Launch of new line Japanese style sweets Noto Kaido produced under selected manufacturing process with our thankful thought to the farmer
                      NewsreleasefromoursubsidiaryNihonbashi-honcho Kashidokoro
                      318KB / 2pages , April 1, 2015
                      Rubber Lining Business Launch in Thailand - Facilities and Business Succession from Ajinomoto Group -
                      359KB / 6pages , April 1, 2015
                      Notification on Growth Capital Financing for Our Subsidiary Group Lease PCL. ~Resolution on Convertible Bond Underwriting Agreement ~
                      141KB / 3pages , March 9, 2015
                      Concerning Latent Gain Increase of Our Securities - Influence of Stock Price Rise by our Consolidated Subsidiary Wedge Holdings’ Successful Result -
                      92KB / 2pages , March 3, 2015
                      Notice Regarding the Change of Organization (Introduction of Business Unit System) & Personnel Changes in our Subsidiary
                      215KB / 2pages , July 22, 2014
                      Group Company’s Tennis Wear Contract Player Yumi Miyazaki Wins the Championship
                      119KB / 2pages , July 7, 2014
                      Introduction of Appointed Independent Directors at Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
                      179KB / 2pages , June 26, 2014
                      Announcement for Acquisition of Leasing Company by Group Lease PCL
                      49KB / 1pages , June 18, 2014
                      Explanation of Financial Results of March 2014 and Future Objectives
                      145KB / 4pages , May 15, 2014
                      Japan Rubber Weekly - An interview with Showa Rubber’s Managing Director, Tadashi Watanabe
                      122KB / 3pages , May 7, 2014
                      Announcement of Appointment of New Managing Director of Our Rubber Business Subsidiary in Malaysia
                      338KB / 2pages , May 7, 2014
                      Announcement Regarding the Confirmation of Judgment of Administrative Lawsuit
                      104KB / 3pages , April 14, 2014
                      Regarding the Sponsorship Agreement between our Major Shareholder and Professional Tennis Player, Toshihide Matsui
                      104KB / 2pages , April 7, 2014
                      Judgement of the Administrative Lawsuit (Prevailing in the Appeal Court)
                      40KB / 2pages , March 10, 2014
                      Acquisition of a Food Manufacturing Company in The People’s Republic of China by our Affiliate
                      67KB / 2pages , January 7, 2014
                      Notice regarding the progress (victorious) Administrative Lawsuit
                      41KB / 2pages , December 18, 2013
                      Notice Regarding the progress of the (Victorious) Administrative Litigation
                      91KB / 3pages , December 16, 2013
                      Notice for the Entry into Business Alliance Agreement Between Showa Rubber Co., Ltd., Our Subsidiary Company, and Tokiwa Rubber Co., Ltd.
                      46KB / 2pages , December 4, 2013
                      Concerning the Progress of the Recommendation Made by the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission on 1 November 2013
                      46KB / 2pages , November 11, 2013
                      With Regards to Some News on Paper Today
                      48KB / 1pages , October 31, 2013
                      Announcement of the Expiration of Statute of Limitation for the Third Party Allocation of New Shares
                      48KB / 3pages , June 28, 2013
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